We Provide Full Thermal solutions - From Concept to product

We focus on Innovative Thermal solutions, R&D, engineering and manufacturing of cooling
and heating systems with precise temperature management and control

-80°C to 225°C Temperature range
Innovative Thermal Solutions
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MIL-STD Thermal Systems:

Military, aerospace, defense, Navy Devices Temperature control, Thermal Management, OEM Chillers, Climate Control, Air conditioning, Electronic device cooling, Hydraulics Systems, Control Systems
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OEM Medical Chillers

Medical Standards, Custom OEM Cooling Systems, Medical Chillers Laser Chillers
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Innovative Thermal Forcing Systems Innovative solution for cooling electronics and semiconductors, Labs Chillers
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Innovative Cooling / Heating Systems  Wherever you need


Thermal Modeling, Analysis & Simulation

Thermal Forcing Systems

Our Vision

eldrotec is a leading-edge company focuses on Innovative Thermal solutions, R&D, engineering and manufacturing of cooling and heating systems with precise temperature management and control

We develop and manufacture unique cooling and heating systems, according to the requirements and quantities required.

We will provide your systems with excellent service, both in production of single system only and in serial production

Case Study:

MIL-STD Radar System

The client:  A large aerospace company.

The Project: R&D, Design and Production of MIL-STD Radar Air Conditioning and installation at the customer site

The need

A cooling solution for a MASSIVE military application based in a location with harsh, tropical, sea shore conditions.

The challenge

The system must operate 24/7 with no exceptions, under up to 70°C ambient temperature and a heat load of 70kW.

The solution: 

Eldrotec took up the challenge and designed an innovative, MIL-STD system that can fully operate NON-STOP, under the most extreme conditions.

The technology

This Direct Air Cooling unit was designed and built as a FULL REDUNDANCY system, in order to make sure it will operate continuously no matter what.

Our Products

We provide several ready to use products, thermal forcing systems and chillers that you can use for industry needs.

Airflow/Airjet Systems

Mid Power
-95°C to +300°C (-/+0.1°C)

Direct contact Systems

Low / Mid / High  Power
-75°C to +175°C (-/+0.1°C)


Temperatures range
from -40°C to +90°C

Case Study:

Custom Chillers For Medical And Cosmetics Application

The client: The leading manufacturers of systems for medical treatments and surgery, and for cosmetic treatments

The Project: R&D, Design and Production of Custom Chillers for Medical and cosmetic applications

The need

A cooling solution with minimal size for a Medical Application located in a location with Sensitive like Operating rooms 

The challenge

Medical standard – high reliability – non-stop work According the custom dimensions and weight

The solution: 

The chiller was designed to work continuously, maintaining a precise and stable temperature during surgery or cosmetic treatment, ROSH and FDA Compliment

The technology

Use of innovative technology to remove high heat by a very small chiller. Precise temperature control +/- 0.1 degrees without using heating element. high COP, Low current consumption, high efficiency, very quiet system  

Meet our

Team of experts

Our team of engineers, technicians and factory workers are working together to create a concept, design & build the best product for your needs. whether it is a custom made solution, a thermal forcing system or another device. We are always doing our vest to provide you with the best solution.


Unique solution


Cutting edge technology


Top of the market engineers

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