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Temperature Forcing System

0-1500 W

High power

Temperature Forcing System

Temperature Range: -75°C to 150°C

Power Range: 0-1500W

Mug-SH-7 :   0 – 500 W  [-40°C at 400W]

Mug-SH-11 :  0 – 850 W  [-40°C at 800W]

Mug-SH-15 : [New] 

0 – 1500W  [-40°C at 1000W]

Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.1°C

Fully Automated DUT Pressure Force: 

20–180 Kg/Force on DUT/Socket ±1 Kg 

(Optional Up 300 Kg)

Mug-SH High power temperature forcing system, provides a highly responsive, thermally conductive path to quickly induce temperatures to the DUT.

Mug-SH is highly reliable system, Using robust refrigeration technology, without thermoelectric modules, uses a patented thermal probe, can perform thermal cycling without the worry of cooling degradation.

The Mug-SH System support the DUT’s Packages:


Bare Die, and another Devices Under Test.

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Eldrotec Products & Solutions are Ideal For

Automotive in-vehicle brake cylinder and ECU testing

Semiconductor device characterization

Optical transceiver characterization and production tuning

RF amplifier, connector and oscillator thermal testing

Network device design and validation thermal testing

Telecom and Datacom component thermal conditioning

Power electronics temperature testing

Sensor and PCB thermal shock and life cycle testing

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