Design and Manufacturing MIL-STD Thermal Systems

– Military air conditioning

– Liquid Cooling systems

  • Liquid Heat Exchanger Systems
  • Military Chillers
  • MIL-STD Chillers
  • Recirculating Chillers
  • Circulating Fluid Temperature Controller

– Heating Systems

– Hydraulic Systems

– Temperature Control Systems

AS9100 Sertification

eldrotec MIL-STD Thermal Systems:

Provide solutions for a variety of areas such as Military air conditioning,  Devises Temperature control, Thermal Management, Climate Control, Electronic device and Material testing, characterization and verification on test & production

eldrotec Provide Turn-Key Solution included:

MIlitary Air Conditioning, Liquid Heat Exchanger Systems, Recirculating Chillers, Circulating Fluid Temperature Controller, 

Engineering: Thermal, Mechanical, Control, Electrical, Software.

Training ,Service and support.

eldrotec specialize in:

R&D > Design > Prototype > Quality Control > Production > HVM

MIL-STD Features & capabilities

Modelling, Analysis and Simulation:

thermal and mechanical issues by advanced technology

Quality Control & Procedures comply with:

ISO9001:2015, ISO13485:2016, AS9100, 

MIL-STD, Aviation standard .

Cooling Capacity:

Meet any power requirement from 1 KW to 500 KW


Liquid Temperature Range:

-20 ⁰C to 80°C

Working Ambient Temperature:

-40 ⁰C to 55 ⁰C


Storage Ambient Temperature:

-40 ⁰C to 70 ⁰C (altitude 30,000)

Systems dimensions:

Very Small Thermal Systems
As well as Large and complex Thermal systems

Altitude up to 16,000 Feet

Custom Systems

1KW, 3KW, 5KW, 10KW, 12KW, 15KW, 20KW, 40KW, 60KW, 120KW, 150KW

Case Study:

MIL-STD, Military Cooling System for Aerostat, Altitude up to 16,000 feet

The client: A large defense systems company

The Project: R&D, Design and Production of MIL-STD Aviation miniature cooling system, For altitude up to 16,000 fit

The need

A miniature cooling solution for a military application based in a location with harsh environmental conditions.

The challenge

The system must be capable of removing 60kW heat load under 55°C ambient temperature while staying super compact

The solution: 

Eldrotec designed a one of a kind liquid chiller with  UNPRECEDENTED small proportions compared to capacity.

The technology

This state of the art chiller, comes with FULL REDUNDANCY capabilities,

2 separate cooling loops and the ability to provide 20°C liquid under 50°C ambient temperature

Case Study:

MIL-STD Radar Air Conditioning,
5-150 KW, ambient: -40°C to +55°C

The client: A large aerospace company.

The Project: R&D, Design and Production of MIL-STD Radar Air Conditioning and installation at the customer site

The need

A cooling solution for a MASSIVE military application based in a location with harsh, tropical, sea shore conditions.

The challenge

The system must operate 24/7 with no exceptions, under up to 55°C ambient temperature and a heat load of 1/5/12/20/40/60/120/150 KW.

The solution: 

Eldrotec took up the challenge and designed an innovative, MIL-STD system that can fully operate NON-STOP, under the most extreme conditions

The technology

This Direct Air Cooling unit was designed and built as a FULL REDUNDANCY system, in order to make sure it will operate continuously no matter what

Development, Design, and Production of chillers and air conditioners in military standard AS9100

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