eldrotec Temperature Forcing Systems

eldrotec  –  innovating and leading in Temperature Forcing Systems (Temperature Management Systems)


eldrotec Develops, Produces and Supplies advanced Temperature Forcing Systems for more than 20 years.


eldrotec works with customers from Semiconductors, Electronics, Optics, Telecommunication, Sensors, automotive, Aerospace/Defense and other companies that need to force and test temperature on their DUT’s (Device Under Test) in Development and Production process, 

for Testing, Validation, Characterization and Failure Analysis, of IC, Wafer, Silicon Chip, Electronics Devices, Optical Component and more.


The Temperature Forcing Systems are designed to assist you in the process of temperature testing, characterization and validation in the development and manufacture of Devices such as Semiconductor and Electronic and other devices.

The Temperature Forcing Systems manage precise temperature at a rapid rate of change.


eldrotec has 

Temperature Forcing SystemsDirect Contact Thermal head cooling


and Temperature Forcing Systems – Airstream


Temperature ranges: from -75°C to 225°C (±0.1).

DUT’s electrical power: from 1 Watt up to 600 Watt (optional up to 1500 Watt) 

The systems are adapted for use in all relevant industries: Semiconductor, Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Energy, Bio-Medical , Telecom and other industries.

eldrotec’s Temperature Forcing Systems support the DUT’s Packages:

IC, CPU, GPU, DPU, BGA, FCBGA, LGA, QFN, QFP, CSP, WLCSP, Bare Die, and other Device Under Test..


eldrotec providing warranty and service in personal attention and attentive to the needs and to the desires of the customers and strive to provide the most suitable systems and solutions.


Contact us and we will help you choose the system and interfaces that suits you best.


You’re welcome to review our Temperature Forcing Systems and choose the right system for you.


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Temperature Forcing Systems - Direct Contact

Eldrotec has an advanced Temperature Forcing systems – Direct Contact, Thermal Head Cooling
Benchtop Systems for IC Thermal Characterization, Silicon Chip, Electronics Devices & Optical Component. eldrotec’s Temperature forcing systems stimulates the DUT’s to the desired temperature (cooling / heating) by direct contact between a thermal head’s Pedestal and a socketed or soldered down DUT.

The thermal head’s Pedestal adjusted according to your devices / packages dimensions. eldrotec’s Thermal forcing systems provides a highly responsive, thermally conductive path to quickly induce temperatures on the DUT.

eldrotec’s Temperature forcing Systems can be used to test multi-site DUTs using a thermal plate. It can be integrated into probe stations, handlers, testers, and ATEs.
eldrotec’s Temperature forcing Systems are stand-alone, plug and play systems which requires only electrical wall outlet and clean dry air or nitrogen for condensation free operation during cold testing.

eldrotec provides highly reliable systems uses a patented thermal probe to mate directly to your IC or other device under test. Using proprietary, robust refrigeration technology can perform thermal cycling without the worry of cooling degradation.

System / DUT’sPower rangeTemperature range Dimensions (mm)Pressing Control on DUT (±1 kg)Remote Interface Ports
Fix0-100W-55°C to +155°C [-40°C @ 25W]2X2 to 40X400 – 45TCP/IP, 485, USB
Mid-2 0-150W-60°C to +150°C [-40°C @ 100W]2X2 to 50X500 – 75
Mid-30-250W-60°C to +150°C [-40°C @ 250W]
Mug-SH-70-450W-75°C to +150°C [-40°C @ 400W]25X25 to 70X70 Optional
up to 100X100

0 – 180 

Optional up to 300 

Mug-SH-11 0-850W-75°C to +150°C [-40°C @ 800W]
Mug-SH-150-1500W-75°C to +150°C [-40°C @ 1000W]

Temperature Forcing Systems - Airstream

What is for ?

Cold & Hot Airstream systems – Which provide cold & hot air Flow / Jet  direct to tested device or heat dissipation by Cold Plates, Heat Exchangers & Heat Sink. Temperatures ranging from -75 C°  to + 225 C°, Air flow up to 70 SCFM , up to 10 bar.

TX Series  –  Mobile Temperature Environments.

Mobile temperature environments are used  in  many industries including: Semiconductor,   Aerospace & Defense,  Automotive,  Energy,  Bio-Medical , Telecom and others.

Electronic device and material testing, characterization and verification for: ICs, MEMS, Transceivers, Circuits and other components testing.

TX Series





Temperature range

-30°C to 150°C

-52°C to 225°C

-60°C to 225°C

-75°C to 225°C

Air Flow


4 to 25 scfm

4 to 40 scfm

4 to 70 scfm

4 to 40 scfm

Temperature display & Resolution


Remote interface

TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, Python

and all Labs Interface Ports



50/60Hz, 16A

3PH 380 /

3PH 200-223,

50/60Hz, 16A

3PH 380

3PH 200-223

50/60Hz, 16A

3PH 380

3PH 200-223

50/60Hz, 16A

Compressed Air Pressure Facility Requirements

CDA at 90 psi Minimum

Dewpoint: -70°C @ 90 psi

Air Flow Facility Requirements

10-30 scfm

(4.72 to 14.2 l/s)

10-50 scfm

(4.72 to 23.6 l/s)

10-80 scfm

(7.1 to 37.8 l/s)

10-80 scfm

(7.1 to 37.8 l/s)

Eldrotect Products & Solutions are Ideal For

Automotive in-vehicle brake cylinder and ECU testing

Semiconductor device characterization

Optical transceiver characterization and production tuning

RF amplifier, connector and oscillator thermal testing

Network device design and validation thermal testing

Telecom and Datacom component thermal conditioning

Power electronics temperature testing

Sensor and PCB thermal shock and life cycle testing